What We Do

House Meeting & Decision-Making Meeting

Every morning, we start our day with the House Meeting. We check in as a group, discuss clubhouse business, and sign up for daily work tasks. On Thursdays, we have our Decision-Making Meeting, where members and staff make decisions by general consensus on matters pertaining to the operations of the clubhouse. Members not only help create our meeting agendas, but are invited to facilitate our meetings as well.

Work-Ordered Day Program

Every member can make a meaningful contribution in the operation of our Clubhouse. This sense of responsibility and belonging is powerful, enabling members to increase their self-esteem and confidence. We have three work areas that are part of the Work-Ordered Day Program:

Social Activities

Staff and members together maintain and clean the indoor and outdoor premises of the Clubhouse. This includes cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, floors, and tables; organizing garbage, compost, and recycling bins; laundry; and caring for the many plants that thrive in our beautiful space.

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Food Services

Members take pride working with staff to help create delicious, nutritious meals for peers daily. Following menu planning, members help shop for groceries, prepare and cook meals, serve lunch, and tidy up. It’s all about creativity, fun, and teamwork! Members also cater Board meetings and events, and bake treats for Clubhouse and fundraising events.

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Business Administration

This area provides members opportunities to develop skills in a range of areas including reception, membership administration and outreach, and communications. Our receptionists help with everything from transferring phone calls to greeting guests and providing information—all excellent experience to build communication skills and self-confidence!

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When we are finished our work tasks for the day, we enjoy social and wellness activities together such as community walks, chair yoga, book clubs, arts and crafts, and music. Many wellness activities at the clubhouse are member-initiated and led such as the book club, cycling group, and knitting group.

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Clubhouse Giving Day is a special fundraising event for Clubhouse International and fellow member Clubhouses to work together to raise money for our respective organizations and support our shared mission of creating a better world for mental health.