When we are finished all of our work tasks for the Work-Ordered Day, we enjoy a broad range of social and wellness activities together, from creative arts and crafts time to chair yoga. Please visit our calendar to see our current wellness programming. Here is a general outline of the wellness programming we offer at the clubhouse:

Community Walks

We have several transit-accessible walks each week in various parks and scenic areas in Victoria such as Cedar Hill Golf Course and the Breakwater. Once a week, we start our walk from the clubhouse and enjoy the local area including Uptown and the Galloping Goose trail.

Arts & Crafts

Members are welcome to use any of the arts and crafts supplies at the clubhouse—from knitting yarn and needles, to painting and scrapbooking supplies—or to bring along their own projects to work on at the clubhouse. Though our arts program is typically self- or member-led, we are excited to start a new partnership with the Robert Bateman Museum who will be offering free therapeutic art sessions to our members.

TED Talks

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. Each week we watch a TED talk then follow with a discussion. Some of the themes we’ve explored to date include recovery, mental health, and inspiration.

Music Group

Our weekly music group is one of our most popular programs. Together we explore and enjoy music together, whether it be through a ‘YouTube listening party’ or learning to play ukulele together. Members of all musical backgrounds and levels are welcome.

Mindful Movement

In our weekly mindful movement program we explore accessible practices such as chair yoga and gentle stretching. Mindful movement refers to engaging in different exercises while placing all of your attention (or as much as you can) on the movements of your body, as well as your breathing. All levels of experience welcome!

Member-led Activities

Our members have initiated and led many wellness activities at the clubhouse such as a book club, cycling group, knitting group, and health and wellness club. At our Members Meeting and Decision-Making Meeting, members have the opportunity to put forward and vote on clubhouse programming.

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