Clubhouse is a local community center where people who participate are known as members. Although not entirely exclusive, membership is open only to people living with a mental illness, that is, any local adult resident who has a history of mental illness. A Clubhouse is a place where members can find others who understand what it’s like to live with a mental illness. It is not a treatment program or mental health service, but rather a place where members develop friendships and opportunities to work together. At a Clubhouse, members also find structured opportunities to get help with needed services such as housing or healthcare, and to return to school or employment. 

About Us

Yes, typically, if you are an adult living with mental illness (ie. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, major personality disorder, etc.) you are eligible for membership. Our Clubhouse has its own application and referral process, but self-referrals are also welcomed. Clubhouses are very friendly places, so if you are interested in learning more about our Clubhouse, we advise you to call 250-483-3748 or fill out our contact form to set up a visit. 

Become a Clubhouse Member

The average age varies, but Clubhouses are for people 18 and older. There is no upper age limit. The average age of Clubhouse members worldwide is about 35, but we have many members who are older and younger than that.  

Membership at a Clubhouse is free to anyone living with a mental illness. 

A Clubhouse staff member is a paid employee of the Clubhouse. Clubhouse staff members have specific job responsibilities related to the day-to-day operation of the Clubhouse and helping members with their individual recoveries and/or life goals. 

There are no medical, clinical, or treatment services at the Clubhouse. However, our Clubhouse will help members locate and gain access to the medical and other social services they may need. 

Membership and participation at the Clubhouse is completely voluntary. Each individual member decides how much and how often they wish to be involved. 

There are many things to do at Connections Place. Our Clubhouse has low-cost meals, meaningful work, employment and wellness programs, and a wonderful community of people to connect with! 

Here’s a summary of our programming: 

  • Work-Ordered Day Program: Every member is invited to make a meaningful contribution in the operation of our Clubhouse. We have three work units that are part of the Work-Ordered Day Program: the Kitchen Unit, the Maintenance Unit, and the Membership and Communications Unit. Members take part in a range of work tasks such as preparing nutritious meals; maintaining and cleaning the indoor and outdoor premises of the Clubhouse; and assisting in administrative tasks such as reception and member outreach.  
  • Wellness Program: When we are finished our work tasks for the day, we enjoy social and wellness activities together such as community walks, chair yoga, book clubs, arts and crafts, and music. Many wellness activities at the clubhouse are member-initiated and led such as the book club, cycling group, and knitting group. 
  • Employment Program: Connections Place assists members in obtaining and securing meaningful paid and volunteer jobs. We offer weekly employment-related workshops that explore various stages of the job search process including resume and cover-letter writing, job searching, and interviewing. 

Members may participate in as much or as little as they want to in any of the Clubhouse activities. There are no requirements about the amount of participation. At Clubhouses, we recognize that members come to us at various points in their lives and recovery. One member might want to come to the Clubhouse every day and be involved in many activities, while another may only want to come and get help with employment. Some members may just want to come once in a while until they are ready to do more. Each member determines his or her own level of participation.  

A Day at the Clubhouse

No one lives at the Clubhouse, but the Clubhouse assists members in finding safe, decent, and affordable homes. 

Clubhouse membership does not have any time limits. Membership is considered for life, and once someone is a member, he or she can return to the Clubhouse after any length of absence. 

Statistics show that the rate of individuals with mental illness who become violent is the exact same as the general population—7%.  People with mental illness are actually more likely to be the victim of violence than the perpetrator.  

We screen potential members during the application process to ensure they will be appropriate for our Clubhouse.  

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