Social Activities

Social Activities

Evening, Weekend, & STAT Programming 

Social connection and peer support are a pillar of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and creating space to have fun is an important part of supporting our Work-Ordered Day by supporting relational development outside of the 8:30-4pm day. 

At Connections Place, we offer social recreation programming on two weeknights per week and two Saturdays per month. 

Saturday Socials require a sign up ahead of time, and fall between 12-4 pm.

Our Tuesday Socials are from 4-6 pm and our Thursday socials are from 5-7 pm. 

We also operate at reduced hours on statutory holidays from 10- 2 pm. Sign up for lunch is required ahead of time on STATS.

Creating space to socialize outside of our 8:30-4pm hours allows time to enjoy our connections in a different context. This also allows our members who are working during the day to still maintain and be part of our Clubhouse community.

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