Promoting Mental Wellness in Greater Victoria

A place for people with mental health challenges to gain confidence, respect, hope, and opportunity. We offer unique programming focused on wellness, employment, and education.

What is a Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is an internationally recognized, evidence-based, sustainable program that takes the form of an attractive community centre for people with mental illness to find peer support, achieve self-reliance and use their skills and talents to get their lives back on track.

There are 320 independently operated clubhouses worldwide—across 35 countries—serving over 100,000 members annually, successfully providing meaningful work and relationships, education, and a sense of belonging. They collaborate with people and organizations in the broader community to educate and eliminate the stigma around mental illness, while championing mental wellness.

Documented research on existing clubhouses indicates members and their communities benefit from higher employment rates, decreased hospitalization, reduced incarceration, improved well-being, and substantially lowered costs to social service departments.

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We're a Greater Victoria, BC-based community that helps people with mental illness find peer support, achieve self-reliance, and use their skills and talents to get their lives back on track.


Using their skills and abilities, every member has a meaningful contribution to make to the Clubhouse's functions, helping increase self-esteem and confidence and decision-making abilities.


Help make a difference providing people with mental illness a safe place to develop friendships, self-respect, renewed energy and motivation. There are several ways you can help.
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