As a Clubhouse, we offer three levels of employment support: Independent, Supported, and Transitional. We work collaboratively with members to facilitate their individual goals of finding meaningful employment. 


Independent Employment is the lowest level of employment support offered through the Clubhouse. We support members with: 

  • Resume writing 
  • Job searching support 
  • Career goal development 
  • …& more!

At this level, Connections Place supports the member in their desire to work independently, but has no direct contact with the employer. 

Currently, our members are gainfully employed independently in the community in a variety of positions:

  • Bookkeeping (full-time)
  • Bus Driver (full-time)
  • Line Cook (full-time)
  • Retail (part-time)
  • Grocery Store Cashier (part-time)
  • Deli Worker (part-time)
  • & many more!


Supported Employment offers a lower level of support than our Transitional Employment Program, but provides more support than Independent Employment. 

Supported employment involves: 

  • Assistance corresponding with employers
  • Advocacy & communication support 
  • Interview facilitation & practice
  • Assistance with job training 

At the Supported level, the Clubhouse might have a relationship with the employer, but no absentee coverage is provided by Clubhouse staff. 


Our Transitional Employment Program is designed to provide members with a high-level of support, with the ultimate goal of becoming independently employed. 

Acting in accordance with Clubhouse International Standards, Transitional Employment is: 

  • Part-time 15-20 hours weekly 
  • 6-9 months placement
  • Pays minimum wage in BC
  • & mirrors typical working hours

We firmly believe that individuals with mental illness deserve access to meaningful employment. Transitional Employment supports our members in returning to the workforce while not allowing their mental health to create a barrier. 

Transitional Employment is mutually beneficial for the Clubhouse and the employer. Some benefits for employers will include: 

  • 100% Coverage guaranteed (Clubhouse staff cover if the member can’t make it!)
  • Full support of Connections Place in resolving workplace conflict that may arise 
  • Transitional Employment works with the intention of employing members long-term; thus, creating lower turnover for the employer!
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