Mental Health Awareness Week – Get Loud!

This is the perfect time to bring awareness to the fact we urgently need a Clubhouse International in the Greater Victoria Area (GVA)

We live in a country where everyone has a right to the appropriate assistance to improve his or her health.  Regardless of income, age, sex or type of illness.  When we start to decide what illness is more worthy of others – what kind of society have we become?

It is well known that mental illness is the highest cause for hospitalization, but receives the least amount of funding.  Why is this? Out of sight is out of mind, which brings up the topic of ISOLATION.  This is a very debilitating part of mental illness that is largely not talked about and should be.

Being homeless is another huge issue when faced with a mental illness. When I attended the Coast Mental Health“Courage to Come Back Awards” in Vancouver this spring – it was stated that 75% of the homeless have a mental illness.  True, this was a Vancouver statistic – but my bet is it could very well be the same figure here in Victoria.

People with a mental illness need REAL help with housing, effective rehabilitation and social supports that is on-going – not a one time operation.  The goal is always for the support to not be needed long-term, however, if and when they need it, the Clubhouse is always there ready and willing to offer a hand.

I, along with another member of our group am attending Pathways Clubhouse fundraising dinner on the evening of October 6th.    I also continue to relentlessly advocate for a Clubhouse International in my own community to help others who do not have a mother like me.

Ask yourself what can you do to ensure this vital service arrives soon. Let’s all get loud and make our voices heard!    Write to letters to the editor, write to politicians – get vocal and loud!  Make it clear that we need a “ one-stop shop” – Clubhouse International  – here to address both the housing and rehabilitation needs to get people back into life!

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