First Employment Contract with Paris Roka Candy

Though finding and maintaining paid employment can be a struggle for individuals facing mental health challenges, many of the members at Connections Place are keen to enter the work force. One of the primary goals of clubhouses worldwide is to help their members find and maintain paid employment by reducing barriers. Unique to the clubhouse model is the Transitional Employment Program where clubhouses partner with local businesses to create meaningful work opportunities for members such as food preparation, dishwashing, and busing; custodial work; car detailing; and office work. What the clubhouse offers in return is a 100% work coverage guarantee, one-time training, and easy filling of entry-level jobs.  

We are happy to announce that we have our first paid employment contract with a local social enterprise, Paris Roka Candy! Once a month, two members are invited to help the founder of Paris Roka Candy, Marian Paris, with candy packing at Uptown Mall. Marian Paris arrives with several trays of freshly prepared almond roka candy, which is then weighed and packaged, and finished with a bow. The candy is made to fulfill a monthly order with a local hotel. Members are paid a living wage for their work and gain valuable vocational skills in the processMembers who have participated in the candy packing have left feeling valued and motivated.  

Thank you to Paris Roka Candy for partnering with Connections Place to bring low-barrier paid employment opportunities to our members! It was an exciting milestone for all involved, and we look forward to continuing this good work! 

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