Connections Place November Event

Thank you to those who attended our event last month at Uptown and also to those who wanted to come but could not make it.  Your  collective support is extremely important as we move forward with bringing an Accredited Clubhouse International to our community.  Mental illness is a community issue and it will take unified community engagement to result in a community solution.

We must all remain committed and strong and have this one goal. Board member Fred Haynes spoke at the event about the failed clubhouses that were attempted in our city in the past.  This is why it is imperative that when we speak about Clubhouse – each and everyone of you speak about an Accredited Clubhouse International.  This is a  proven model of success and we don’t have to look any further than a few miles away to Richmond – where our mentor Clubhouse has achieved a 14:1 return on investment.   Please always refer to Clubhouse International when speaking to others – to avoid confusion in the community.

HERO House in Bellevue just had a building donated to them two days ago!  Funders, individuals, the world knows that Clubhouse International is a proven program and this is why it is crucial that we keep our eye on the prize and never deviate from a true Accredited Clubhouse International.

Last minute shopping idea!  Are you looking to help mental WELLness? Help address homelessness? Reduce the needs for tent cities? Here is the answer:  Uptown Gift Card – available at Guest Services (located in Town Plaza at the elevator near the Walmart Entrance).  10% of card sales go directly to Connections Place.

The goal of the Board of Connections Place is to engage a development officer who will kick off a serious fundraising campaign to ensure this direly needed, vital program is brought to our community. 

Don’t miss reading the News Release Pathways one of the top 10 charities in Canada – under ‘Our Mentor’  Please share with your friends and Merry Christmas!

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