Update of the Establishment of a Clubhouse International in Our Community

Update of the Establishment of a Clubhouse International in Our Community.
We had a busy autumn as a space looked quite possible for us.  Unfortunately it did not materialize we are sad to report.  In the meantime we continue to gain community support and speak with people in the community.
Many people ask what they can do.  Please pass on the knowledge you have gained about Clubhouse International.  Share the website and explain the following key points to people.  Speak to your neighbours, your friends, your  MLA, and colleagues at work.   

  • Clubhouse International is a proactive model that is proven to steer mentally ill people away from hospitals, emergency services and the streets. 
  • Opportunities are provided to guide people to their full potential (education, employment, social and healthy social connections)
  • Will help fill the gaps for people discharged from hospital to become contributing members of our community  
  • A one-stop shop that will also link people to other service providers.
  • Clubhouse is non-clinical.  Why is this important?  People feel empowered as they are truly part of the Clubhouse team - they are not a client or a service user.  They are needed and wanted as a member, because without them the Clubhouse would not exist.  They are not receiving a service - they are providing the service.  
  • We are not reinventing the wheel - this model has been around since 1948 and received the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award in 2014 (Doctors Without Borders is another recipient).
Charity Status:  Hopefully coming soon!  At this time we are unable to accept donations through the Saanich Legacy Foundation.
Space:  We haven’t found our home yet - can you help?    Keep in mind that our first location most likely will not be permanent. 
Thank you for your past support and your continued interest!

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